Being a designer, I totally understand how important it is to have a self-explanatory and memorable logo. Indeed, the logo is the face of your entire business website. It’s the first visual through which people get an idea about what you are selling and what your business is all about. 

Well! Having a memorable, beautiful, attractive, and trendy logo is essential but not a cakewalk. Designing a logo sometimes takes a lot of time and effort; even professional designers just like me are stuck in designing a perfect logo for businesses. 

This is the reason, I always go for the best logo makers. Logo makers are the fastest and easiest way to make a custom logo for your business. Logo maker’s websites provide workspace, graphics, and customization tools options to the users.

Also, it gives you the freedom to make, edit, select colors, choose 2d graphics and icons, and text customization for your logo. 

These days, there are many new and old logos over the internet. Thus, choosing the best from the entire list is challenging. To help you out with the same, I have gathered the best logo makers that I personally feel are worth their price. 

So let’s quickly analyze these best online logo makers tools for you.



Wix logo maker is one of the best logo generator tools that inspire users to create the logo online. This tool provides us a variety of logo designs on the basis of some questions that we basically answered during the logo designing process like-

After answering these questions, it takes a few seconds to come out with logo designs on the basis of your answers.

Later you can edit your logo by renaming it or replacing the identical icon used in your logo. Wix provides you the option of customizing a logo by just selecting it; it opens tools like text, color pallets, backgrounds, and shapes.

The creation of logos through wix is as simple as narrating a story. Say, if you have a clear thought about what you want and how your logo should look like, then wix will help you get the desired results. 

If I talk about pricing, then the wix logo maker tool offers three plans, including Free, Basic, and Advanced. The basic plan starts at $20, and the advance plan starts at $50. 



Canva is another logo maker tool that allows users to design and create unique and effective visual branding logos. Starting canva logo maker provides you with ready-made templates that make it really easy to edit these templates by changing graphics, text styles, and positions, and transformations. 

Some templates offered by canva are free to use, whereas many attractive and visionary templates come under a premium subscription. Personally, I use canva a lot while designing the logos as it helps me in modifying logos like a king. 

The best part, you can download the designed logos in two different formats, which can directly be published on different social platforms.

Now, if I talk about its pricing, then it offers three different plans, including Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The Pro version starts at $9.95 per month, and the Enterprise version starts at $30 per month. 



As the name suggests, Logomaker is another popular option that designers choose for creating fast, simple, and stunning logos without any hassle. This software is mainly chosen for speed. Its magnitude of customization options makes it effortless for the users to create an excellent logo in a matter of minutes. 

Logomaker is a globally custom design platform for entrepreneurs, businesses, schools, and individuals. With the help of the LogoMaker tool, anyone can make a logo, banner, t-shirt art, and much more without being a designer or having a designing experience. 

LogoMaker provides you with a do-it-yourself platform that mainly focuses on six design fields :

You can download it after designing the web or print-ready files. If I talk about its pricing, then it is divided into four plans, including basic for free, essential at $40, premium at $60, and custom at $99.



Brandmark is a unique, modern, and professional logo maker that many successful companies use. This tool allows you to build a beautiful and branded logo on time and without breaking the banks. 

Brandmark uses AI-powered design tools to get color and font ideas. A brief idea about how this tool helps in designing your logo is written below:

Now, let’s have a look at the process of using a brand mark tool. 

Firstly, it asks you to add the name of your brand; then it asks you to select some keywords that your business is about or the kind of icon you want to add to your logo. After these keywords, it shows you some color pallets options from where you can choose the right color for your logo. 

Now it might take a few seconds to generate logos for your brand. Once it is done, you can scroll by selecting the next logo. Also, you can download your logo by purchasing from $25 to further in different formats at one time.

Tailor Brands 


Tailor Brands is a better logo maker website for designing your next business logo. Tailor Brands not only helps in designing a logo but also shows its preview in a mockup template so that you get an idea about how it actually looks like.  

Tailor Brands have their website’s interface in more than five international languages. New to this tool and don’t know how to proceed further, have a look at the below-added process. 

Firstly, it asks you to fill up the keyword for your brand name; then, it will ask you to select your business fields like IT services, Hospitality, or physical goods after that industry. After this, you will get an option to choose the kind of logo you want. It can be icon-based, typing based or the initial letter.

After choosing the best from these three choices of fonts and icons, the AI starts designing your logo and mockups for the same. It takes some time to show you the results generated.

Now you can choose and select your logo design with the mockups provided. Moreover, you can download your logo files by purchasing the plan, i.e., Basic, standard, and premium provided by the company, starting from $9.99 per month. These plans are further divided into Monthly, yearly, and 2 year plans.


We all know that Logo is the face of our business. That’s why everyone is putting their best efforts into making a great shiny and fresh-looking logo. To get the best logo, designers use excellent logo makers that are easy to use and time-saving. 

As this modern world is coming up daily with new styles and trends, choosing the best from the list of thousand is a real hassle. Along with this, you need a creative and experienced designer who has good knowledge of colors, fonts, and typography, especially if you wish to stand apart from the competition.

Apart from this, people these days need some minimalistic and mixing of typography and icons. Here in webdew, we have a team of very creative and experienced graphic designers under the guidance of up to dated leads.

We assure you that now you can design your logo better than ever before. Feel free to get in touch with our designers. 

Happy logo creation!